Monday, September 18, 2023

Some rules for commenting on this blog


I'm getting more and more comments here that I'm having to delete, rather than publish, because of several problems.

  1. Some directly attack other commenters.  Folks, if you have a beef with someone, take it up with them on their blog, or person-to-person, but don't try to use this blog as an attack platform against them.  I won't tolerate it.  Such comments will not be published.
  2. If you disagree with an opinion expressed here (whether mine or a commenter's), feel free to express that disagreement, provided it's directed against what you disagree with rather than the person saying it.  They have as much right to their opinions as you do.  Try to trash them, and your comment will be trashed instead.
  3. If you want to tell me, or discuss, something off-topic (OT), please don't leave an OT comment on a blog post that has nothing to do with the subject.  There are an increasing number of political comments that seek to propagate a particular point of view.  I'm not prepared to see Bayou Renaissance Man turned into a political debating floor or echo chamber.  I have my views, and I'm willing to express them here, and I don't mind debate on those issues on that post, at the time I express them.  However, I won't allow random posting of unrelated matter as an OT comment on a completely different subject.  Frankly, to do so is disrespectful of me as the blog host, and my readers and commenters as well.  I won't publish such comments.
  4. I try to keep this blog family-friendly:  in other words, F-bombs and similar expletives will not normally be published here.  It's been that way since I began this blog in 2008 - yet there are still commenters who sprinkle F-bombs and similar not-niceties in their text.  Those comments will not be published.
I'm sorry I have to waste most readers' time by publishing this article, but there are some commenters who appear to be unaware of the house rules, no matter how long they've been in force.  I'll have to remind them from time to time, I guess.



Roy Zesch said...

Your Blog, Your Rules. I happen to agree with your rules, but that is irrelevant. I don't think the commenters who repeat the action are unaware. I think they don't care what your rules are

James said...

Hmmmm......,I have no comment.

Anonymous said...

I fixed those problems on by blog by posting uninteresting content so hardly anyone ever sees it. It really cuts down on the comments of all kinds.


boron said...

1) Thank you
2) Thank you, ad hominems are a waste of space; even when couched in high-falutin' talk it's because the commenter is unable to attack the argument
3) OTs - OK, I'm guilty at times, I promise to never again
4) F-bombs not really needed for emphasis; try to employ language you'd use in front of your church-going grandma

Wayne said...

I agree with Roy Zesch, Peter. Your blog, your rules. I have also noticed that you abide by the same rules, particularly regarding obscene language. Sorry you had to go through this effort.

Dakota Viking said...

Your house your rules, we just visit, and as guests we should be polite. By the way, I have enjoyed every one of your books that I have purchased. I need to figure out which ones I have and ones I need to get.

Anonymous said...

Very strange.

I'll explain; last night I had a dream that a guy who makes videos had to repeat the warning to his viewers of making inappropriate comments. This man also hosted a blog.

I thought it fantastically absurd. I mean, that alleged adults need be told even once is dismaying.

And here, I read pretty much the same. It is surprising, but shouldn't be, that alleged adults exempt themselves from the unwritten rules of civility.
Too often do too many people ignore the twin companion of liberty, which is responsibility.

(Yes, I have strange and unusual dreams. Often in Technicolor.)

Anonymous said...

Every once in a while a new crop of trolls appear and need to be taught the ground rules. I applaud you for your patience.

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Thank-you for being explicit and thank-you for making a stand.

Many folks benefit from "guard rails".

Anonymous said...

While I very much appreciate the content presented in this blog I also much appreciate the thoughtful comments presented about relevant subject matter, These blogs are the 'city gates' of the Old Testament, where the wise gather to debate and pass judgement. Those who abuse the privilege's of using the time, talents and money by the blog host are nothing but a blight.

Sue in Oregon said...

Agree 100%. Unfortunately, you can’t fix stupid.

BobF said...

Sitting in your living room on your sofa and those folks feel they have to right to say that stuff to your face? The anonymity of internet keyboard warriors has spawned a whole lot of people who just don't know how to behave -- or know and don't care to.

Not a waste of my time, Peter. It is a good reminder of what you are having to put up with and the amount of time you are spending with nonproductive maintenance. Wish it were otherwise.

Aesop said...

Dulce et decorum est.

Stopping the opening salvos obviates all the return fire too.

Michael said...

Leaving open what IS an "Opening Salvo"?

Discussion is worthwhile. I suppose Filfie will not be getting opening salvos also?

Peter said...

@Michael: I think it's clear enough. Respond to the arguments or points made, without getting personal about/with the person who made them. Straightforward, no?

BrentG said...

Your blog, your rules. Thanks for continuing to publish!


Michael said...

Respect earns respect. Treating folks like unworthy to be answered properly isn't discussion.

Your behavior is always measured and reasonable.

rickr said...

Bravo Zulu, Peter.

Aesop said...

Respect earns respect.
As contempt and ad hominem towards people who weren't addressing you earns its like as well.

Choose wisely.