Friday, September 22, 2023

"The Cluster B society"


That's what Christopher Rufo calls our present dysfunctional arrangement in America.  He writes:

You’re not imagining that the world has gone mad.

Healthy debate has been replaced by activist hysterics. Speech is declared violence, while violence is excused as speech. Masculinity is condemned as regressive, while men in skirts and heels are celebrated in the public square.

It’s easy to laugh at these outbursts as the ravings of a small but vocal minority, but the compromised health of our body politic is not a trivial concern. A strange, new pattern of psychological dysfunction has infiltrated our most prestigious institutions, our corporate bureaucracies, and the highest offices in the land.

In short, we’re sick. Our society is out of balance. We’ve been consumed by a cluster of disorder that appeals to our worst instincts and deranges our most important social functions.

We need to recover our sanity. But to do so, we must first know exactly what we’re dealing with: the emergence of a Cluster B Society.

He goes into detail in the brief podcast below.  It's twelve minutes of your time that will be very well spent by watching it.  Highly, highly recommended viewing.

There are relatively few commentators on the American scene today whom I respect, and whose views I share in most important elements.  Christopher Rufo is one of them.  His Substack is worth visiting on a regular basis.



Xoph said...

OK, but how do we reach out to these people and get them to see they are on an unhealthy path and that most of those people validating them are actually hurting them and driving them deeper into their problems? From what I have seen the support for the afflicted makes their problems worse, not better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
I am learning the psalms for the first time in my life, and literally have just finished reading Psalm 77 before I opened your blog. This post reminds me so much of what I just read.

Old NFO said...

Agree with Xoph. Some just will not listen to anyone that doesn't 'validate' them.

JWM said...

Vox Day posted this quote from You Tube regarding the cancellation of Russell Brand. It's exactly what Rufo describes:

YouTube said in a statement: ‘If a creator’s off-platform behaviour harms our users, employees or ecosystem, we take action to protect the community. This decision applies to all channels that may be owned or operated by Russell Brand.’

Glad You Tube is out to protect us. Think of the danger otherwise.


Peteforester said...

I've said for years that the acceptance of Sodomite behavior is a symptom of a dying society. No society that has embraced such behavior has ever survived...

Mauser said...

Sure that's not "Cluster F" Society?

Hamsterman said...

My ex likely has had a Cluster B personality disorder for much of her life. If the analogy holds, then it is impossible for those in the clutches of a personality disorder to realize that they have it, as long as they can blame someone else for the problem and they have the 'whip hand' (power) to force others to do what they want. (Seriously: she believed quite earnestly that she was right and so would hurt me with a clear conscience, and use the fear of that to get what she wanted, and had no idea she was being abusive.

Once divorced, she could no longer blame anyone for what she was doing, nor intimidate me into solving her problems, and has actually gotten better. For society, that would be a chicken/egg problem, in that somehow we have to take their power away.

halfdar said...

And this video is one example of why these things are going to eventually lead to a fight. There is no way to have a meaningful discussion, in good faith, with these people. Sort of like trying to have a conversation with someone who is convinced that the world is 4500 years old and fossils are just part of the joke; common ground is elusive, and the chances of useful discussion are essentially zero.

They just won't take NO for an answer. It will, therefore, have to be demonstrated. This is the truth, however unpleasant and unthinkable.

I hope everyone is ready.

God bless.

Stephen Cornwall said...

"Agree with Xoph. Some just will not listen to anyone that doesn't 'validate' them."

For someone suffering from mental illness it is impossible for them to correct the problem from inside that illness The huge challenge, often an equally impossible one, is to, somehow, get them to a different vantage point from which they can observe both the effects of the mental illness and other alternatives; that cannot be done while they remain deep in the psychosis that caused the problem - it requires a rather drastic environmental change, whether physical, emotional, electronic or psychological, or a combination of those differene environments.

The percentage of success in such an endeavor is frighteningly low; some will succeed.

Others will have to become convinced through other means, probably 168 grains at a time.

Anonymous said...

They will not scream in our faces forever, we cannot let them for our own sanity. But there's only one way to handle what amounts to a rabid dog, who will refuse to hear or see truth...and I don't like that any better than you do, Peter. How would Islam deal with this population? CONQUEST, and eradication....

Anonymous said...

Douglas Adams nailed it. It's the 'B' Ark.