Friday, September 8, 2023

I've known dogs like that


Yesterday's "Pearls Before Swine" comic.  Click the image to be taken to a larger view at its Web page.

Having been a pastor and chaplain for years, it's hard to argue with that approach!



jsallison said...

I draw the line at passing out Milk Bones. Mine, MINE!

jsallison said...

I wasn't much of a church goer in the army until I got married and when she passed I lost the habit. Only ever saw Chaplain (CPT) Sandifer in the field passing out lemonade and cookies in the summer at Ft Hood, Hot coffee, hot chocolate and the army's version of 'chicken' soup Think Lipton's chicken soup on an industrial scale when it turned cold, itty bitty noodles and they waved the chicken over the pot as it cooked. Homeopathic chicken noodle. But when you're freezing and it's hot, do not care. If you've never been there you wouldn't believe how cold and miserable it could be in central Texas.

Although to be fair the coldest I can remember being was sitting in the back seat of an M151 border jeep doing a night patrol on the IGB in February. It was packed so full of stuff I didn't have room to shiver. Had to get pulled out of the jeep after six hours. Couldn't move me legs Heater? Feh we didn't even have doors. Reserved for command because some loser in 1944 or so died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a jeep with doors.