Wednesday, September 27, 2023

My sincere sympathies to those living in or near Philadelphia...


... because the pattern of your future there became clear last night (if it wasn't already so - it should have been on the basis of past events).  Some of the headlines this morning:

Widespread Mass Looting Overnight in Philly

Absolute Pandemonium Broke Out in Philly Last Night

Some are already claiming that this was in "response" to the dismissal of charges against a police officer for the shooting of a black man a while back.  I understand that, notwithstanding the court's action, the Soros-backed progressive-left District Attorney will appeal it, and may refile charges.  Allow me to show you my shocked face that a DA would ignore a judicial ruling like that, if it didn't agree with his politics.  Faced with a judicial system like that, and knowing that they are in the politically-inspired sights of the system every time they go on patrol, and having to deal with a breakdown in law and order like last night (not to mention inner-city urban society in general), I can't for the life of me imagine why any police officer remains on duty in Philadelphia.  In their shoes, I wouldn't be.

I don't buy the "in response" line at all.  From the reports linked above, this was a well-organized action, including arrangements being made before and during the event(s) on social media;  "teens" (?) congregating in parking lots to plan their next move(s);  and registration plates being removed from cars, to make it more difficult to track their movements and link them to specific crimes.  Those aren't the actions of spontaneous protesters.  The judicial ruling may have provided a convenient pretext, a sort of social fig-leaf, for the looters, but it's clear they were acting, not reacting.  I'm sure this event was pre-planned, awaiting only a suitable occasion to launch it.

I've already noted a couple of reactions along the lines of "Well, that's the city center for you - but if you stay out of it, and don't go there unless you absolutely have to, and stay in your nice safe suburb, you won't be affected."  Folks, I have news for you.  Throughout this country, companies and corporations in the city centers are suffering due to crime, and closing stores hand over fist, and moving their offices to safer, cleaner, more salubrious locations.  Crime isn't the only factor in the latter decision, but it's a big contributor.  Do your own search for relevant news reports in your area.  If it's affecting companies and employers like that, what makes you think it won't affect you?

Here's another selection of headlines, all of them from this blog, and all in 2023.  I presume most readers have already seen them:  if not, I recommend them to your attention.

I can't say it too strongly. GET OUT OF "BLUE" BIG CITIES. NOW.

The dangers of big "blue" cities from a different perspective

Remember what I said about big "blue" cities?

Yet another Big Blue City crime warning

The danger of big cities: How can I put it any more strongly?

Here's how that last article ends.  Emphasis in original.

Folks, what more evidence can I advance to persuade you?  The reality is as plain and easy to see as the nose on your face.  If you live in almost any large American city today, but particularly those in "blue" states, governed by liberal progressive administrations, or already facing serious problems with poverty, crime, violence and racial tensions, you need to leave.  Now.  If you don't, and you run headlong into those problems as they escalate, it's on your own head - nobody else's.

I've heard all the excuses, and I'm sure they're real to many people:  but this boils down to a simple, existential pair of questions.  What's your life worth?  What are the lives of your spouse, children, etc. worth?

The answer is up to you, and the solution is in your hands.  Don't expect the government to provide one, because it's largely caused the problems to begin with. 

In his science fiction books, the late Robert A. Heinlein predicted what he called "the crazy years" when society broke down, and anarchy, fanaticism and criminality took over.  I think he was more prophetic than fictional - because we're living in them now, mostly in our big cities as yet, but increasingly all over our country.



MNW said...

Don't forget that he also predicted a tyranny of doctors. At this point all we need is for Rio to get nuked by space bugs.

Philly, the city I grew up next to. We have gon from Rizzo to the "Goode" years (C4=-11) to this. It has been a down hill slide since mayor Rendell. Philly has a 100% Soros DA; a corrupt, marxist, union boss, tool as mayor; and the diverity hire commisioner of police that failed in Seattle - Outlaw who allowed the Chaz fiasco. How she still works and LE, let alone across the country is beyond me.

The situation pains me to no end

Dan said...

When the big companies and the wealthy victims leave the crime riddled cities the criminals WILL follow. Count on it. They are already expanding into formerly safe areas in many places.

Paul V said...

They need to stay where they are. They voted in the crooked DA's that let this kind of thing happen. Not to mention they voted in the politicians whose line was Defund the Police. I don't want these morons infecting a Red State or City.

Steve Sky said...

Related: TheConservativeTreeHouse has an article on how Target is pulling out of cities due to Crime & Lawlessness, and "The media is perplexed, confused, flummoxed in their ability to identify" the problem.


Michael said...

Heinlein is often a touch stone of the current events.

He and George Orville's book 1984 seem to have the situation well and properly described.

I'd add Isaiah Chapter 3 to the mix for true historical flare.

Worth a cup of coffee and a bit of reading the whole chapter. Ask yourself if it fits well in current news.

We live in the Mad Hatters world where self-defense will get you in jail while the "Brutes" Thugs" cannot call them something raycesst ya know will WALK free to do it again.

Ray - SoCal said...

Eddie Irizarry Is Hispanic. I can’t find his criminal record…

Police officer is White.

Rioting / looting sounds opportunistic, just using the outcome as an excuse.

boron said...

What we need is not to run from the "ravening hordes", but more "rooftop Koreans."

edutcher said...

FWIW Frank Rizzo made Center City safe and a showplace because he cracked down on the hoodla. Big Business came in, there were shops and restaurants and Lefties the world over hated him for it.

It lasted for about 20 - 25 years. Then Fast Eddie Rendell (Mr Let's Make A Del) became mayor and, after that, the black mayors. So here we are.

People are getting out, not just the Blue cities, but the states, as well. We can only pray they've learned their lesson.

PS The hard-core Lefties will stay because they think they're making a "statement" about race or something.

MNW said...

They are already branching into the suburbs.

The local hunting fields are barren

Anonymous said...

Another lack of sympathy for those who are reaping the benefits of who they chose to put in power.

boron said...

@ Anonymous
I currently believe in the validity of the vote as strongly as I still believe in Santa Claus. The Soros (and friends) machine ...

Gerry said...

+1 edutcher

Fran Rizzo, former police chief. was mildly corrupt and hated the anti-war movement and criminals of all colors. When other mayor started outreach programs, he bought armor cars. When people talked of rioting, he talked about putting snipers on rooftops. There is a famous picture of him with a nightstick stuffed in his cumberbun.

Once he left office the big business headquarters started to move out to the burbs.

Paul Chappell said...

Was the reason I ended up here in Wichita Falls... Saw what happened in Champaign, IL during the initial round of "protests" which were of course organized looting sprees and decided that Texas was a LOT more my speed. Well, the fact that I could also be told that I would be fired as soon as they could come up with a reason due to my membership in the 4 evil demographics (male, white, hetrosexual/married and former military)... Unfortunately I suspect it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better somewhere down the road...

Andrew Dunn said...

I wish I could find some arguments against your post but I can’t. 100 prevent spot-on and I have zero faith that the powers that be here in Philly will take any action. In fact, I’ll predict that our POS district attorney, George Soros’ bitch, Larry Krasner, will NOT press charges against these looters. Where does it leave those of us here with un-sellable property? Pretty screwed. And on a spiritual note, crime in this city immediately accelerated when the Carmelite Sisters were chased out by the Archdiocese.