Friday, September 22, 2023

When special snowflakes fight over who's more special


I had to laugh at this report from San Francisco.

A group of demonstrators protested outside the Hilton Hotel in San Francisco's Financial District, where Women's Declaration International USA is holding its convention. "WDI" says it's focused on reigniting the Women's Liberation Movement, but critics say that's misleading.

"Their group is what we call 'TERFs,' Trans-exclusionary radical feminists," said Nancy Kato from Reproductive Justice Coalition.

Activist Kato says she believes WDI's mission is anti-Trans.

"Their basic premise is patriarchy and men are the enemy and therefore focused on Trans women, to say they are not real women," Kato.

. . .

Police intervened when several counter protesters attending the women's conference showed up, including Corrina D'Annible.

"What specific rights are Trans-identified individuals asking for that they don't already have to begin with? So if we're talking about the right for males to invade women's spaces, like I said, the history of male violence is long and storied," D'Annible said.

WDI conference organizers ... told us in a statement ... "We are enjoying our discussions about the rights, privacy and safety of women and girls, including reproductive liberty and the rights of lesbian and bisexual women."

Protesters called out the Hilton for hosting the conference.

There's more at the link.

This, of course, is the bitter fruit of identity politics, so beloved of the progressive left.  They specialize in identifying groups and then telling members of those groups that they suffer discrimination, need to stand up for "their" rights, and so on.  As this report demonstrates, pretty soon groups splinter into more groups, and fight each other for their slice of the "rights" pie - and all the time the grey eminences manipulate them all for their own benefit.

San Francisco is rampant with such "divide and rule" politics.  That's why nothing has been done to stop the homeless trashing the city, the extremists trashing anyone and everyone who won't get on their bandwagon, and the politicians who feather their own nests while effectively abandoning their electorate to the consequences of their failures.

I wish both sides in this case the best of luck.  Go ahead!  Demonstrate against each other and criticize each other to your heart's content!  The rest of us in "normal America" will look on in bemusement, shake our heads, and then get back to the business of normal living, while you amuse yourselves in the ephemeral, nonsensical, ridiculous cloud cuckoo land in which you've chosen to cocoon yourselves away from reality.



Timbotoo said...

When worlds collide.

Aesop said...

It's like Ankh-Morpork, but without Pratchett's comedy. The parody writes itself.

Maniac said...

Feminists demanded androgyny, now they have it. Mangia!

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of the story behind the filming of Ben Hur during the silent area in the twenties in Italy. For a major fight scene, those in charge found out that one side consisted of Fascists and one of Communists and the store of weapons had been sharpened. They cancelled the shoot until the casting had been rearranged and disposed of the sharp swords and spears. Maybe we could accidentally lose a bunch of sharp objects in the vicinity of one of these rallies.