Friday, June 4, 2010

An amazing artist

The Web site Beautiful Life offers a number of pencil drawings by Hong Kong artist Paul Lung.

Unbelievably, he does these using only a single pencil, taking up to 60 hours on each drawing!

Mr. Lung also has a page on DeviantArt, which portrays more of his work.

He also has a blog, in Chinese. A copy translated into English may be viewed here.

Amazing work! My hat's off to him. There are more pictures at the link.



skreidle said...

To ask a cliched question, "But is it art?"

It is absolutely an amazing skill, but what has he created? To quote my mother-in-law--an art teacher--in response to her students accurately recreating photographs through whatever medium: "Congratulations, you're a photocopier."

James said...

skre... has my point, but it doesn't matter, its a zen thing. incredible!

reflectoscope said...

Leaving the interpretation to the reader, it is still an impressive demonstration of skill and talent.