Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Art - with beer!

Ever heard of Karen Eland? She's an American artist who paints in many media. My interest was piqued by a gallery of her work in the Telegraph: paintings created using - of all things - beer!

She says of her work: "I use stouts and porters to create the paintings, with sometimes lagers or lighter beers to do the light areas. Sometimes I like the beer to evaporate awhile, condensing the colour. I use watercolour paper; the beer is too liquid-y to work on canvas unless I add a painting medium. Depending on the level of detail, a medium size beer painting takes about 2 days to complete. Lots of gradual layers are built up to create the final painting."

She also works in coffee, producing copies of famous paintings in various shades of espresso. The Telegraph has a gallery of those images, too. I had to smile at this one, called (for obvious reasons) 'Whistler's Mocha'.

There are more pictures at the two links provided. You can also read more at Ms. Eland's Web site. Definitely different!



Old NFO said...

Isn't that a waste of good beer? Just sayin...

trailbee said...

What a fab idea!