Sunday, March 25, 2012

I think there's a hidden agenda here . . .

I had to laugh at this clip of a Japanese hand-cranked vending machine. It's supposed to be deployed in areas where power supplies have been disrupted. By cranking the handle 70-odd times, you apparently generate enough electricity to work the machine. See for yourself.

I don't know whether you also generate enough electricity to cool the beverages inside . . . but you'll certainly want more than one of them, after working up a sweat cranking that handle! Great marketing idea, no?



Anonymous said...


If they market that in the States the vending machine better dispense defibrillators cause after the fatties finish with the most excercize they've done in 20 years they'll need one.


Anonymous said...

It would be a lot more efficient to make the machine entirely mechanical and dispense with all the electrical generation & motors. Sort of like the fancy old music boxes.

Billll said...

What whatsisname said. Just push a mechanical button, pull the mechanical handle, and voila! Just like the old adding machines.

Of course the new ones can electronically notify the machine owner of what has been purchased, and how the money must be divided up between state and local taxing districts, and make allowances for differences in tax rates for different products depending on which side of the store the machine is located on.