Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What a performance!

This clip shows a performance by Alexandre Lane of Canada, using a so-called 'Cyr wheel'. You can learn more about them here. It's worth watching this in full-screen mode.

I can't begin to imagine the fitness, stamina, co-ordination and balance required to pull that off!



Radagast said...

Off topic Peter and I apologise if I'm the bearer of bad news.
Neptunus Lex's Kfir crashed at Fallon yesterday. His body did not survive.
There is an open thread at his blog if you want to contribute there. I believe he was a Christian, so your prayers may be of use. I will mourn his passing in my own way, but i'm not going to discount possibility that your and his god is listening.


Peter said...

Thanks, Radagast. Horrible news! I'll pray for him.


Diamond Mair said...

Peter, when in {Catholic} elementary school, one year the nuns showed us a movie {I want to say around Easter}, of a clown in a very modelled-on-the-Passion story - there was no dialogue that I recall, just the clown in greasepaint wandering the circus, helping others - it ended with his being manipulated into a Cirque du Soleil type harness, and being pelted by ........................ stones{?} ................... does this ring any bells, and by any chance do you remember the title - it's haunted me for years ............... I'm reminded of it by the whole production here, with M. Lane spotlighted and all else dark ....................

Semper Fi'

Peter said...

Sorry, DM, I've never seen or heard of that one. Of course, I was living on another continent at the time, so perhaps that's not surprising!


Roy said...

Wow - that was a pretty cool display. It made me dizzy just watching him.

I wonder how many times he mashed his fingers or toes while perfecting that routine?

trailbee said...

Fabulous! Thank you.