Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I feel like a shotgun blogdaddy

This gives me warm fuzzies . . . Fellow blogger Mitzimagpie, formerly blogging at Miz Minka's Musings and now at The Purple Magpie's Nest, should by now have taken delivery of her new Mossberg 500 shotgun.

Mossberg 500 Bantam, model 54132 (open the image in a new tab or window for a larger view)

She says she chose it after reading my series on Firearm Recommendations for Home Defense - which makes me very happy! Mitzi, I'm glad you found that series of articles to be of use. I think I should apply to Mossberg for a commission . . . it's led to at least a dozen shotgun sales that I'm aware of, and probably many more that I've never heard about.

May your new shotgun serve you well, and give you much enjoyment - and may your life be sufficiently peaceful that you never have to use it defensively! Don't forget to put up a range report on your blog after you've tried it out.



Old NFO said...

Yeah! One more added to the self-defense category rather than the victim category!

ZerCool said...


I've actually had the Bantam 20ga on my "should get" list (behind a bunch of other "that'd be fun too"). With the short stock and barrel it's phenomenally light and maneuverable, ideal for house work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Peter, I can't wait to give a range report! I picked up my Mossy last Saturday but we got rained out; and during the week I have to earn a living (so that I can have more money to turn into smoke and noise). ;) But I plan on putting my new baby through its paces post-haste!

It's been really great how supportive gun folks are to a newbie like me. People to go shooting with are coming out of nowhere, some of whom I had no idea even had guns. It's not really a topic you want to bring up with your average Californian, unless you're prepared to catch a lot of hostile bleeding-heart-liberal flak. But having been in a situation recently where I potentially could have been a defenseless victim, I'm no longer afraid to speak out. :)

Thanks again for taking the time to write the series of posts on home defense, it's been invaluable. I have a lot more peace of mind already with just having taken a few small baby steps. It's a great feeling.