Monday, July 2, 2012

More warning signs

I'm not going to bore readers with another long post about economics.  I know many of you find them seriously off-putting, and others just aren't interested.  For those that are, I recommend the following links:

1.  There's a growing and worrying slowdown in manufacturing in Europe, the USA and China.

2.  The problem of bad debt is becoming more serious across Europe, the USA and China.

When you put those pieces together with others we've discussed here in the past (click the tags below for more information), the picture becomes ever clearer . . .



trailbee said...

Peter, I began economic reading late in '10 and have since signed up for emails from three different companies. Yes, it is off putting, but necessary if we are to understand what is coming down the pike in the next two or three years. Thank you for caring enough to post the information.

Anonymous said...

I greatly appreciate your economic posts, even if it's just a nice collection of links such as this one. Sure, the articles such as Doofus of the Day are fun, and the historical and technical posts are very interesting, but in my opinion it's the economic and political posts which cover the deadly serious events taking place now which are the most important. Thanks for the post.

Mike R.

Anonymous said...

For the record, I love your economics posts.

Mad Jack said...

Me too! Me too!

I enjoy your posts about economics, and it's not entirely due to inebriation or my curmudgeonly nature. You save me the time and trouble of wading through 16 MB of carefully crafted opinion and political hogwash so that I can read the pertinent facts along with a coherent explanation.

Thank you for your time and effort.