Sunday, May 31, 2015

The new cover is about to go live

The new cover for my latest book, 'Forge A New Blade', has been uploaded to  It should 'go live' on that site overnight, and be visible there by tomorrow morning.

Oleg did his usual great job of overlaying the text elements, editing the raw image to make it more suitable for use as a cover, highlighting different colors and textures, and putting the whole thing together.  It's a revelation sitting with him, watching him at work.  Miss D. or I have only to suggest something in the vaguest terms.  He instantly clicks this, types that and fiddles the other, and the desired change emerges in front of our eyes.  His talents are extraordinary.

I think the new cover's a great improvement over the old one.  Thanks very much to all of you who suggested the change.  I hope you like it as much as I do. Now I've got to upload the cover to CreateSpace and finalize the files for the print edition, which should be available shortly.

May I again ask those of you who've read the book to please leave a review at  They're important because many sites used by indie authors to promote their books require a minimum number of reader reviews before they'll even look at a new work.  The sooner I can get up to 50 or so reviews, the more of those services will become open to me, allowing me to do a better job of promotion.  Thanks for your help.



Inconsiderate Bastard said...

Peter, you mentioned a few posts ago you were correcting some typos in Forge; usually, Amazon issues correction updates automatically to ebook purchasers, via their Whispernet function. Will correction updates be available to those of us who downloaded and installed to Kindle via USB?

Peter said...

AFAIK, yes, it should be an automatic update, reflecting the new cover as well as the amendments. I flagged it as a new version when I uploaded the new file, to make sure Amazon did that. If you have any problems, e-mail me (my address is in my blog profile) and I'll see what I can do.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

IB, if you go to My Account, Manage My Kindle, I know they'll give you the option of accepting the update there. Do be warned that if you accept the update and get the new version, it will erase your bookmarks, highlights, and notes, if you have any. Sorry.

Rick T said...

And Larry Correia just announced:
The next Book Bomb is going to be for Peter Orulian’s Trial of Intentions. After that it will be Peter Grant’s latest, War to the Knife. Dates to follow as soon as I figure out when exactly I’m around.

Congratulations, Peter!