Friday, January 18, 2008

Are you interested in reading book manuscripts online?

I've been having a discussion with a writers group of which I'm a member.

I think it might be a very good way for a prospective author to get feedback and constructive criticism if he/she were to put either excerpts or the full text of a manuscript online for people to download, read and return comments. Sure, there's a risk that someone might copy it in an unauthorized fashion, particularly over the Internet, but then that's a risk one will run as soon as it's published anyway. I have a greater trust in readers than that.

I'd like to hear the opinions of readers of this blog. Would you be interested in reading a work-in-progress to have the chance to express your opinions and help the author? If so, would you please add a comment to this post? I'll pass your views on to the rest of the group.

If enough people are interested, I might just start something like that right here. I've already posted two extracts from one of my manuscripts, and I might throw a full copy up here for download. We'll see.



firefighter4884 said...


I know that people who have put works online via some of the forums I used to read (ran out of time after I started working 60 hours / week) used to get very good feedback, including joking threats on their life if they didn't continue to post online.

Larry, over at Monster Hunter Nation always got a lot of encouragement to publish one of his works.

I'd definately be in favor of it!


MadRocketScientist said...

I plan on doing it someday, when I have time to actually write.

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting..I would be up for it.
Jim n AZ

Anonymous said...

I would definetely be interested. I have a fair amount of down time at work and am always looking for interesting reads. Count me in.

Easily Lost said...

Count me in. I'm an avid reader of almost anything,and I'm not afraid to tell someone if I think it's good or not.

Anonymous said...

I could definitely go for that as long as the time demands are not too constraining.

Anonymous said...