Friday, January 25, 2008

Doofi Of The Day #5

Here's a hint.

Those who operate tattoo parlors do business in such premises for a number of very good reasons.

There's the license for the operator and premises, health and safety regulations, questions of hygiene, and a host of others.

If a tattooist offers to 'operate' on you in the comfort of your own home, using an obviously home-made, non-professional device, you might want to ask yourself why he'd do business in that way, evading or avoiding all the aforementioned good reasons for having work premises of his own.

If you fail to ask yourself those questions, you have only yourself to blame for the consequences . . . as a number of women in Springfield, MO have recently discovered.

Friday night, a man knocked on doors holding a tattoo gun and offering his services.

Tamra Eason described the tool as homemade, but still agreed to pay for a tattoo. So did two other women in her apartment complex.

"It was wrapped with black tape, had a pin underneath it, had fishing wire going through it, you could tell it was a homemade gun," Eason said.

The next day, Linda Falls passed out and had to be hospitalized."I passed out in the store and they said I should have it checked out," Falls said.

All the women have an infection in the tattoo area and have been told to get tested for HIV and hepatitis.

Perhaps my favorite comment on this moronity:

"Beware of deals in parachutes, brain surgery and tattoos," said Miller Cotton, a tattoo parlor owner.

No s***, Sherlock!


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