Saturday, January 19, 2008

At last, honest Web site excuses

A South African provincial government Web site seems to have had a Webmaster with a sense of humor - and a fine awareness of the realities of Africa today.

According to a report in the London Telegraph, the error messages when a page could not be located or loaded included the following gems:

The page is on holiday and will be out of the office until next week or when it feels like coming back.

The page was considered redundant and was given a raise so it now works even less.

The page performed an illegal operation and was promoted to vice-president.

The page is sleeping. After all, this is African time we are talking about.

A government spokesman, when asked about these interesting messages, proclaimed indignantly: "To me it looks like there has been a hacking. We can't promote that. We don't believe in African time. This is totally unprofessional."

To add insult to injury, shortly after his comments the entire Web site went down.

Yep - sounds like Africa to me . . . *gigglesnort!*


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