Monday, January 28, 2008

A musician with a mission

If you've never paid much attention to classical music, there's a treat in store for you - and it's free!

British violinist Tasmin Little has recorded a new album, The Naked Violin - and she's making the entire album available for download, free of charge. You'll find it at her Web site.

In an interview with the London Times newspaper, she says that she wants to break down the prejudice expressed by many against classical music. During a private recital, she says:
“Some people there thought that they hated solo-violin music, until they actually experienced it. That made me think about tackling these prejudices on a wider scale.”
She points out:

“This notion that classical musicians are all snooty, and that our snootiness creates a barrier that stops people enjoying what we play. By doing what I’m doing I want to prove once and for all that the only reason why people don’t sample classical music is that they don’t have open minds, or they are lazy.”
She invites those who've avoided classical music to "undertake the Tasmin three-step challenge":

“First, download the recording. Secondly, write to me at my website, saying what you didn’t like about my chosen music or playing. Thirdly, tell me what barriers still remain that prevent you from entering a concert hall. In other words, what is your problem?”
I love classical music, and I've already downloaded her album. I highly recommend it to music lovers - and if you've never tried classical music for yourself, here's a golden opportunity for you.

Thumbs up and a big "Thank You!" to Tasmin Little from the other side of the Atlantic!


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