Sunday, January 6, 2008

Have you ever seen a wolf fishing?

How cool is this???

These photographs were said to be taken "at Brooks Falls just upsteam from where the Brooks River flows into the Naknek Lake in the Katmai National Park". I received them from a friend via e-mail, but I don't know who owns the copyright. Since they're circulating via e-mail I'm going to post them here, and I invite any copyright holder to notify me so that proper credit can be given.

I didn't know that wolves fished for salmon just as bears did!

EDITED TO ADD: An Internet search has produced a couple of videos of wolves fishing like this. The second one seems to show the same area as the photographs above.

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Harrison said...

'Specially liked the last picture. Canine to Ursine...
Naaa na-na na-na naaaa!