Friday, January 4, 2008

Great moments in radio comedy

I'm sure many readers have heard of the British comedy 'The Goon Show', broadcast in the 1950's on the BBC. It has many fans all over the world, and (along with others of its genre such as 'Round The Horne') was the inspiration for later comedy teams such as Monty Python.

I'm delighted to find that one of the greatest clips from the Goons is on YouTube. It's the immortal Bluebottle (the boy scout from Finchley) and Eccles (the doofus) discussing timekeeping. It takes place 'in the ground-floor attic of a nearby clock-repairer' (you work it out!). It's totally zany and, for those with an ear for British comedy, absolutely irresistible.

Note that it was originally on radio, so the video accompanying the audio clip has been added by whoever posted it on YouTube. I suggest ignoring the video and just listening - but if you find the odd accents hard to understand there are sub-titles on the video that will help you.

Enjoy a British comedy classic!


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