Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Doofus (Doofi?) Of The Day #4

Some crooks are so dumb one wonders how they've managed to survive so long.

Messrs. Rudy Villanueva and Tony Logan are members of a Miami gang known as the Bird Road Boys. They decided, perhaps out of a misplaced sense of macho, that life wasn't interesting enough . . . so they made a video and posted it on YouTube. In it they displayed firearms, taunted police, and challenged the authorities to do something about it. "Metro-Dade Gang Unit, here I am, baby," Villanueva taunted. "Come and get it," Logan invited.

Big mistake. Big, big mistake.

The police, nothing loth to take up such a challenge, decided to respond appropriately. Messrs. Villanueva and Logan (along with several of their colleagues) are now in durance vile, facing charges of threatening police, possession of firearms by convicted felons, and doubtless a host of other illegal activities. The video news report below gives more details.

(Sigh . . . ) I've heard of dumb people being referred to as "a few cents short of a dollar". As far as I can tell, these bozos were about five cents short of a nickel!



Anonymous said...

The criminals here in Florida are often a few bricks shy of a load. Recently at my hospital, we cared for a woman who was shot in the face when she tried to break into a house. The stupid part: she could clearly see the gun-wielding homeowner through his glass door, and everybody in Florida knows we have the Castle Doctrine. The criminal is expected to survive but be a little more ugly; the homeowner gets to put a tick mark on his door.

Harrison said...

Congratulations. You gotta' be one of the few writers who not only know the meanin' of durance vile, but how to use it in a sentence.

phlegmfatale said...

It's one thing to be irretrievably foolish, but it's another matter entirely to document same. Kinda embarrassin' to watch, really, but I fought through it and managed to get a giggle.