Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What kind of lover are you?

There's an interesting online 'aptitude test', for want of a better description, concerning your qualifications (or lack thereof) as a lover.

According to an article in the London Telegraph, it's a "a unique experiment which deploys the latest advances in personality testing to gain a deeper understanding of how and why we love."

I'm hardly the world's hottest lover, and my knowledge of the field can hardly be described as encyclopedic, but the test passes an interesting few minutes.

Log in to the test here and see how you do. Let us know in a comment, if you feel so inclined.



Denise said...

That was an interesting test, Peter. I'll just give you the opening paragraph of my results:
You have a “total relationship” with your partner that comprises all aspects of love. Your relationship is very passionate and romantic, you have a great deal of intimacy and are able to share every feeling and idea with your partner, and, what’s more, you are genuinely committed to this relationship in the long run. This is the kind of relationship that most people would only dream of having. You must be very happy… Congratulations!
By the way, I noticed you didn't give your results, dude. What's up with that?

Denise said...

Oh yeah, I didn't much care for the choices of date movie. Did they all have to be chick flicks? What's wrong with a good gunfight or even Die Hard?

Anonymous said...

Another (consumate) total relationship here, although I answered according to what I'm like when I have a partner, as I don't currently.

You are very calm, relaxed, and confident. It really takes a lot to stress you out and you rarely act on the basis of negative emotions (e.g., hate, disgust, or anger). You enjoy working under pressure and find that, compared to you, most people worry about pointless things and are not capable of handling pressure that well. You are not very moody or easily upset.

You are ambiverted, which means neither introverted nor extraverted. You are variable and adaptable like most people. Sometimes you are happier on your own than with others, whereas on other occasions you really enjoy being with friends and meeting new people. You are comfortable in social situations and are confident interacting with others but prefer to avoid being the centre of attention.

You are intellectual, curious, creative and cultured. You probably enjoy art in all its forms and have a preference for non-conventional things. You are open-minded and enjoy trying new things. You tend to be tolerant and to have liberal attitudes. You have a “hungry mind” and enjoy reading to find out about the world, which you see as a fascinating and complex place. You have a vivid imagination and day-dream easily. Sometimes you find it hard to keep your feet on the ground. You have a creative personality.

You are warm, altruistic and friendly. You tend to be modest about your abilities and achievements. You follow rules and conventions and don’t like upsetting people. You care about others, even if you don’t know them, and can easily sympathise with people. You are also politically correct and prefer to avoid conflict. Confrontation is not your thing. You are modest and unselfish and try to be on friendly terms with everyone.

You are responsible enough and try to meet important deadlines without leaving things for the last minute. You are usually dependable and reliable. Your work and your career are important but you think there is more to life than work. You try to be organised and plan ahead but it is not the end of the world if you don’t manage. Your work ethic is average. You are about as conscientious as the average person is.

William the Coroner said...

Evidently I'm neurotic, and have a romantic relationship style.

I didn't care for the choices of date movie, either. I'd prefer Patton or Macbeth(by Polanski)