Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Don't sell thieves short - especially short thieves!

A Swedish report suggests that a rash of thefts from baggage compartments of buses may be due to a new criminal tactic.

It seems that thieves are stuffing a short or small compatriot into a bag and then loading it into the luggage compartment. Once inside, while the bus is under way, the miniature mobster is getting out of his bag and sifting through the contents of passengers' luggage. Once he's made his selection he climbs back into his bag with the loot and closes it again. At the bus's destination his bag is offloaded by his buddies, whereupon they all vanish without trace.

Thefts like this have occurred on multiple bus lines and routes. I guess it won't be long before our own criminals learn from their Swedish counterparts and try something similar on Greyhound buses.

Hmm . . . memo to Swedish bus drivers: have you ever thought of concealing a skunk, or a snake, or a large hairy tarantula, in a suitcase and slipping it into the baggage compartment?

(Insert evil grin here!)



Anonymous said...

Now, where have I heard that tip before..?
Oh yeah:

Unfortunally, there are no skunks, tarantulas, bobcats, or (intimidating) snakes in Sweden...
But I guess it would be possible to rig a bag with an "artificial skunk"-device.. :-)

Peter said...

Thanks, Erik, but I wasn't aware of anyone else suggesting the same solution. Of course, if it's the Dawg doing so, that's hardly surprising - he and I share a similar outlook on criminals! :-)

Anonymous said...

IIRC, LawDog and the sheriff used a bobcat and it tore 'em up when they opened that suitcase up in the back of a '70something Firebird. hehehe

An artificial skunk device... that'd be kinda like that "rattlesnake eggs" gag, but I'd like to know what gets used to make it stink.

Anonymous said...

(Please dont think I meant that as any kind of criticism, I just thought it was funny that it had actually happened before)

Lawdog wasn't really suggesting it, it was more of an observation and investigation in that case.

Someone else apparently came up with that idea that time. That doesn't take anything away your idea. If anything, Lawdogs story is a testament to the effectiveness of your tip.

(Now, wonder where I can find a Lynx or an artificial skunk-device in Sweden...)

Anonymous said...

I actually have some ideas of an "artificial skunk"-device.
There's a true and tested homemade scent used for foxes that even has the local name of "foxkill". Foxes are supposed to smell it 2 miles away, and I've had loud complaints from people up to 150yards away when I opened up a container.

That smell, coupled with a loud siren going off, should be a memorable experience.
But it wont top the bobcat... :-)

Vitriolic Virchow said...

There are lynx in Sweden. Lynx are good. Adders are indigenous to Europe as well. Or, just go buy a cobra.

IceFire said...

A mousetrap could be effective as well...snapping onto the fingers of a "Lightfingered Louie" a time or two could be a deterrent as well...

Anonymous said...

Apart from the rare and endangered lynx... there's the already mentioned adders(bites about as deadly as beestings, though there's a slight potential for disfigurement through necrosis), but for real fun, I'd go with a wolverine or badger, both tough, mean and persistant...

wolverines especially, they're fairly small(somewhere around the size of a beagle), but they hunt reindeer and are mean enough to intimidate bears.

The (artificial) skunk idea has the drawback of making all the passangers' bags stink... probably not so appreciated.

PS: I realise this comment is quite late...