Friday, July 25, 2008

Another gangsta weapon

My readers in law enforcement, or those who might frequent gangsta hang-outs, might want to take note of a report from England.

At just four inches long, it fits easily in the hand and could be a key fob of the type used to open car doors by remote control.

But this tiny device is in fact a lethal weapon - a gun capable of firing two 0.25-inch bullets.

Yesterday, a thug was jailed for nine years for using one like it to shoot a man for 'disrespecting' him in a nightclub.

Marcus Henry's weapon was converted from a pocket gun designed to fire miniature flares, a gadget which is legal in Bulgaria where they cost £15.

Around 100 are believed to have filtered into Britain from Eastern Europe in the latest worrying illustration of how weapons once found in the realm of spy fiction are falling into the hands of criminals.

The double-barrelled gun is fired by pressing buttons on the side.

. . .

Detective Sergeant Dave Carter, of City of London Police, said: 'They are very dangerous weapons, arguably more dangerous than your average handgun because to the casual glance they look like something different.

'It is not particularly accurate but from a short distance it can be fatal.'

Three years ago in Manchester, suspected gang member Fabian Flowers, 19, fatally shot himself in the head while demonstrating a similar gun in a nightclub.

Our thanks to Mr. Flowers for removing himself from our midst. At least that's one more doofus gangsta we won't have to worry about.

However, we do have to worry about similar weapons making their way to this side of the pond. It's bound to happen. I guess our prison guards are going to have yet another thing to look for, to prevent weapons being smuggled in to convicts: and our men and women on patrol will have another threat to add to their list of 'things that might kill me tonight'.

Stay safe, boys and girls.



GeorgeH said...

This is an NFA "Any Other Weapon" controlled device. They were illegal before they were ever designed. Since we know gun control will work and make us safe we can rest assured none of these will ever harm us here. /Sarcasm

Sevesteen said...

I had a comment nearly identical to Georgeh's, written before I read his. Instead of letting me post it, Blogger showed me his version, which was initially confusing--Same thoughts, different wording.

Anonymous said...

If this gun comes to America.As a correctional officer it will be one of many things we have to worry
about.God Help Us.

Rogue Medic said...

The SS had many similar weapons designed in WWII. This is not anything new, just a slicker version.