Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wallaby ads ruffle Kiwi feathers

Australia has a TV program, The Gruen Transfer, dealing with advertising. It includes a segment where two ad agencies are challenged to find a way to sell something that's basically unsellable.

Last week's episode was a lulu - and the reactions are causing stiff necks and giggles across the Antipodes. Two agencies were challenged to "sell" to Australians a reason to invade New Zealand. The two clips below show their ideas.

One New Zealand correspondent replied with a headline: "What Would Your 'Invade Australia' Advertisement Say?" Replies ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous.

An Australian report noted:

One angry internet Kiwi blogger wrote: "Isn't this a call to arms? Shouldn't it be seen as an act of terrorism? NZ govt needs to look at the legal consequences of this idiocy. I as Maori will not stand to be invaded by anyone! Bring it on!"

Another said: "Hilarious, though I'm sure the entire NZ population will haka up."

This was met with the sardonic Kiwi comment: "I'm in, who's bringing the esky?"

Talk show host Andrew Denton, whose production company makes The Gruen Transfer, said: "I don't think New Zealand feels particularly under threat about it but, maybe, with the size of their army, they could be threatened by just one angry household."

"I have relations in New Zealand and I have assured them their houses will be safe in any invasion. I really think the New Zealanders are delighted to be outraged about it."

He said the Kiwis would "get their chance for revenge in the final episode of the show".

New Zealander Bridget Taylor, a panellist on the show, said: "Suddenly a lot of people are talking about this.

"It has raised a few questions and made people think that if Australia really wanted to invade it wouldn't be that hard. But most agree it would be too cold for soft Aussies to come here and have a barbecue outside.

"The funniest thing was the 100% ad which said that not only were they going to steal our country they are stealing our ads to do it."

I'm amused by the sheer cheek of the ad agencies. It's certainly made both of them far more famous than they were before the show - which I guess is the whole point!


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curtis said...

I think the Australians and the Kiwis should have fun with it.

Both nations send out thier coastguards, "Invade" an enemy port, and have a big water fight with hoses and fire boats, and maybe some locals in party barges chucking water balloons.

The invasions are repulsed, and everyone celebrates.