Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CrankyProf sheds new light on a work of art

I've visited Philadelphia several times, and I'm familiar with the art works displayed on the so-called 'Kelly Drive Tour' - including Jacques Lipchitz's statue, 'The Spirit Of Enterprise'.

The statue incorporates a human figure depicting a pioneer, a snake, and an eagle. The official description reads:

A muscular pioneer strides forward, scanning the horizon, expressing Lipchitz’s sense of American energy and potential. Here the evil bird of Prometheus transforms into an American eagle, the pioneer’s companion and guardian.

Er . . . OK, if you say so.

CrankyProf has a rather different perspective on the matter. In fact, she identifies the snake as being of the . . . er . . . trouser variety.

I'd never thought about it from that perspective, but looking at photographs - she's right!


I almost said "Well, blow me down!" - but given the subject matter, that might be open to misinterpretation, so I won't.

One wonders whether Mr. Lipchitz wasn't cocking something more emphatic than a snook at the good citizens of Philadelphia . . .


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