Thursday, July 24, 2008

Expanding the blogroll

I've been remiss in not updating my blogroll as often as I should - and I've added a couple of names without mentioning them. Time to remedy the error. I've also changed a couple of blog listings, so that they now reflect the actual name of the blog, rather than the name of the blogger or some other identifier.

In alphabetical order of blog name, the new additions are:

  1. Fatale Abstraction: Phlegm's been in my reciprocal blogroll for a while. On the basis of many enjoyable reads and (so far) two encounters in the flesh (shared with Lawdog, through mutual friends JPG and Holly, all three already on my blogroll), she moves over to my main blogroll. I can't wait to meet her new puppy, and see her (she's tiny) introduced to the three large hounds over at H & J's place. Who'll eat who?
  2. Grouchy Old Cripple: Rude, sometimes crude, but a devastatingly accurate barb in the rear end of the politically correct. A good source for a belly laugh at the insanity of our society (particularly our politicians!).
  3. Home On The Range: Brigid fascinates me. I love her way of expressing herself: and as a reasonably accomplished cook (ask Oleg for a reference!), I appreciate her recipes. She's someone I'd love to meet over a leisurely (and mutually cooked) supper, followed by (several) glasses of (good) wine on the porch as the last of the light fades, and we talk about Celtic heritage, shooty things and what have you.
  4. Lilium Inter Spinas: A lady with a wonderful sense of the absurd, and able to comment on anything from the sublime to the ridiculous. She frequently makes me laugh out loud. Very worthwhile reading.
  5. Oleg Volk is a personal friend of long standing, whom I should have added to my blogroll from the beginning. The only reason I didn't is because I had a brainfart: his "blog" is actually a LiveJournal diary, and so I simply didn't think of it as a blog. Let me remedy that now. Oleg is an outstanding photographer, founder and head honcho of The High Road, and a Second Amendment/RKBA activist of long standing.
  6. The Adventures Of Roberta X: The Mistress Of Snark has teamed up (domestically speaking) with the Frog In A Blender. Look for both their blogs to reflect the mutual influence!
  7. The Armed School Teacher: Don should have been on my blogroll from the beginning, and it's my error that he was omitted. This rectifies that mistake. Don's a great guy. He and his wife have demonstrated real and self-sacrificial love in making a home for some very disturbed children (who, thanks to them, are now a whole lot less disturbed and much happier).
  8. The Breda Fallacy: As she describes herself: "a reference librarian, an artist, a woman, a wife who writes about books, cats, food, guns, beer, love, and more, & not necessarily in that order." What's not to like?

However, I'm sad to have to report that a former tenant of my blogroll, Kilo India Tango, has decided to go off-line. She and her long-time partner got married last month, and she's apparently decided that's a good point at which to withdraw into domestic bliss. I'll miss her sharing of her life. Best of luck to you, Kit, and Godspeed.



Don said...

It's interesting that you say that about Brigid--I actually wondered once whether Scully was back, but not everything fits. Too bad, but Brigid is a lot of fun to read.

Thanks for adding me. Maybe it will inspire me to add some content instead of rambling. But, you know, probably not.

phlegmfatale said...

ah, don gwinn- the rambling's half the fun!

Peter - can't wait to bring the baby to meet Uncle Peter! Just be careful - she's a kiss-happy doggie, and she'll stick her whole snout in your mouth if you're not careful. *pa-tooey* Well, it's a good kind of yucky, if you can imagine that. THANKS for moving me up to the pride-of-place zone. I'm greatly honored!

The Lily said...

Thank you many times over for the linkage. Most flattered!