Thursday, July 17, 2008

The reality of violence

The UK banned almost all handguns over a decade ago, and makes it extremely onerous to get a license to possess a long gun. These measures were - and are - touted as being necessary to reduce "gun violence".

Now, a newspaper report quotes the latest British Crime Survey as revealing that someone in the UK experiences a knife attack every four minutes - almost 130,000 last year. For the past few years there's been more and more talk about criminalizing the possession of knives, in response to "knife violence".

When, oh, when will these idiots realize that the instrument is not the problem?

Ban guns - knives will be used.

Ban knives - baseball bats, cricket bats and other club-like implements will be used.

Ban clubs - bricks and stones will be used.

The problem isn't what instrument is used in violence - it's the violence itself.

And that's something that's in the hearts and minds and souls of individuals.

You can only address violence if you address its causes inside people - their attitudes, reactions, prejudices, hopes, fears, whatever.

Unless you address that reality, you've already lost the fight.

And that reality is precisely what a socialist, statist government can never address - because it plays down the importance of the individual in favor of emphasizing the State and the group, the community, the large mass of the population as a collective whole.

The equation is simple. Deal with individuals, and you can deal with their problems. Deal with the collective, the society, the group, and the individual gets lost in the heap.

The results you see before you.



Anonymous said...

Amen, point well made.

Simeron Steelhammer said...

There was a report today where two plain clothes policement were beaten so badly by a mob..oh, pardon me, don't want to inflame a 'group' of 30 people because they had the nerve to tell a 15 year old girl to pick up the fast food wrapper she threw down.

She picked it up and then threw it down right in front of them immediately after. When they told her to pick it up again, that is when she attacked them, followed by 5 of her girlfriends and then more 30-35 year old males and such.

This in South London...

Rogue Medic said...

If we would ban food wrappers, this would not happen. :-)

If only they could ban stupidity or, perish the thought, allow people to take responsibility for their actions.