Saturday, July 5, 2008

Shopkeepers fleeced by baaaaa-d man!

I'm hugely amused at reports from New Zealand that a cunning forger has been circulating fake 100-pound notes - replacing the Queen's portrait with that of a sheep wearing her tiara!

The fake notes are easily recognisable as the picture of the Queen has been removed and replaced with a picture of a sheep, replete with tiara.

The serial number on all notes is the same – BK99580630 – and the number six is written on the back in pen.

Last week, a Silverdale landscaping company had the wool pulled over its eyes, and police say they have had calls from other victims in the district.

"The guy in Silverdale even helped the lady load the landscaping rocks into her car," says police acting area supervisor for Rodney, Mark Smith.

"The offenders are using the fake notes and purchasing items of a small value. Change for the $100 is then given in real currency and the offender walks away in profit," he says.

The Rodney Times first reported the circulation of the counterfeit notes in November 2007 when a man bought $2 worth of batteries at 2 Cheap in Hillary Square and pocketed $98 change before the fake was noticed. He tried the same trick unsuccessfully at another store nearby.

Police are keen to catch the people involved before they leave any more shop owners looking sheepish.

I wonder what he'll try next - a kiwi wearing a coronet?

Why not?

Might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb . . .


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