Thursday, May 3, 2018

Another teaser

I'm hard at work editing the first book in the "Cochrane's Company" trilogy, "The Stones of Silence", for publication in a few days' time.  I showed you an earlier version of the cover some time ago, along with a teaser excerpt.  Here's how the final cover will look.

And, to whet your appetite even further, here's the cover for Book 2 (from which I published a teaser excerpt earlier).

I discussed the trilogy, and the process of creating and editing it, in an article over at Mad Genius Club last week.  Please click over there if you'd like to learn more.  It's a lot of hard work preparing three books at once, but I hope this experiment will bear good fruit.



Old NFO said...

As an alpha reader, I have no problem saying- It's GOOD! Entertaining, well developed characters, and twists and turns galore!

Joseph Mcdermott said...

Have you decided not to do the 3rd part of thr Laredo trilogy. If you addressed this already, I missed the post. I do look forward to reading whatever you write.

John Cunningham said...

Can't wait to get all three! I forsee some nights of short sleep upcoming.

Peter said...

@Joseph Mcdermott: Laredo 3 is on the way. It got delayed due to ill-health, then overtaken by other projects, but it's on my list and getting closer. I hope to finish it late this year.

clark myers said...

John D. MacDonald had the first three Travis McGee novels ready to go to get the series off to a start. It worked.