Thursday, May 3, 2018

Yet another reason to Build The Wall

A more secure southern border isn't just needed to keep out illegal aliens:  it's also a very important crime prevention measure.  The Guardian reports:

Latin America has suffered more than 2.5m murders since the start of this century and is facing an acute public security crisis that demands urgent and innovative solutions, a new report warns.

“The sheer dimensions of homicidal violence are breathtaking,” says the report by the Igarapé Institute, a Brazil-based thinktank focused on security and development issues.

. . .

Latin America suffers 33% of the world’s homicides despite having only 8% of its population. One-quarter of all global homicides are concentrated in four countries – Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela – all of which are gearing up for presidential elections in which security is a dominant theme.

“The overall trend right now in Latin America is one of increasing homicides and deteriorating security,” said Robert Muggah, one of the report’s authors.

“Latin America is a large area and there are lots of variations. But as a region – including Mexico down to Central America and South America – the rate of homicide is set to continue increasing up until 2030. The only other places we are seeing similar kinds of increases are in parts of southern and central Africa and some war zones.”

There's more at the link.

This dismal forecast is supported by Mexico's appalling - and increasing - murder rate, up 27% in 2017 over the previous year, and up a further 20% during the first quarter of this year.

We can't keep such violence from washing up against our borders . . . but we should be doing everything possible to prevent it crossing our borders.  A border wall alone won't be sufficient, but it'll be a damned sight better than the mockery of border security that we have at present, with a recent surge in illegal crossings demonstrating its inadequacy in the clearest possible terms.



McChuck said...

Build the wall. Make it a double wall with a death strip. Kill anybody in the death strip - no questions, no quarter.

Chuck Pergiel said...

I suspect that weak property rights in Latin America might be why it is still such a miserable place.
Until that changes anything we might do here will just be a bandaid on the problem.

TheOtherSean said...

Forget the wall, build the Great American Canal along the border instead. It will be the Eighth Wonder of the World, and it will be yuuuuuge!

Bruce said...

Put gates at either end of the canal and stock it with large, cartilaginous sea-critters?

WL Emery said...

I think TheOtherSean might be onto something.

My thought is to build a Wall of Shame. The bill to build this monster will have to be in excess of 5000 pages, but it could be touted as a progress free speech bill promoting inclusion and sensitivity for everyone, regardless of et al. Hide the location inside the bill, get the funding, then include the stipulation that everyone can include a name and a brief description of just why this person should appear on the soon to be infamous Wall of Shame. Charge $1 per name or something to help fund it.

Build it on the Mexican - US border. The moonbats will go into overdrive and a few may suffer brain hemorrhages - but no matter. No one will notice.