Saturday, May 12, 2018

When spectators get too close to the action

Sometimes people get too close to rally cars - or vice versa.  Here's a collection of several such incidents.  I particularly liked the car that drove across two different vineyards, and took down a power pole.  Spectacular, that!

It's no wonder rallying - serious rallying, that is, not the enthusiastic amateur version I used to enjoy - is now a multi-million-dollar undertaking.  The mechanics' and parts bills alone must be out of this world!



tsquared said...

I have a buddy in Germany has been racing a VW Up AWD for a couple of years - that is in the lowest class of racers. The stock version of the car is about 75hp and he is getting about 120hp out of it. He told me last year that he has an 11k Euro budget for the season. He also told me that without some serious sponsors he could not afford to move up in class as it will be about 3 times more expensive.

Chip Anderson said...

But of course.

Unknown said...

I have a full-color glossy coffee table book called: Ferrari: The
Man and his Machines. In the glory days of Ferrari, a true GT
was a car which was street legal, yet could compete in drag races,
hill climbs, and road rallies. At one road rally, a Ferrari driver
lost control and plowed into a bunch of spectators. A dozen or more
were killed and many more injured.

Ferrari was condemned by the president of Italy and the Pope. Enzo
Ferrari responded by telling them both to go pound sand up their asses!
He had all of his cars repainted in blue and white (American racing
colors.) His view was that if spectators are allowed to line the
roads, bad things will happen. It was around this time that Ferrari
entered the American Indy 500 for the first time. The collapse of one
of the cars Borrani wire wheels took them out of the running.