Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I may resemble that remark

Miss D. and I have been absent from the gym for several weeks, due to minor health issues that are rapidly being resolved.  Yesterday was our first day back . . . and today, we're so stiff it hurts!  That made yesterday's Pearls Before Swine cartoon particularly appropriate.  (Click the image to see a larger version at its Web page.)

What can I say but "Heh (Ow!)"?



1LLoyd said...

My journal for the last four decades. :D

Brett baker said...

Lifting Fritos to your mouth is exercising, right?

Tal Hartsfeld said...

My father never could keep me on his domestic weight-lifting program.
Despite the availability of weights, barbells, and a punching bag in the basement of our house, and the fact that I was routinely terrorized by the neighborhood bullies, my enthusiasm for sticking with an exercise program would always wane tremendously, in spite of always getting off to a good start.
My father constantly found himself frustrated by my chronic lack of motivation in certain areas.