Thursday, May 17, 2018

How not to do it yourself

Two of my regular cartoon reads had overlapping themes yesterday, and both made me laugh.  I thought you might enjoy them, too.  Click each image to be taken to a larger version at their Web pages.  (Note, too, the mouse-over text at the second page.)

First, The Whiteboard discusses how to repair something not worth repairing.

Next, XKCD provides a handy (?) repair flowchart.



urbane legend said...

I see someone has been watching me work on cars and lawnmowers. Before the wife stopped that, anyway.

Mauser said...

Somewhere near that last fork is "Hmmm, there are some salvageable parts in this for the junk box."

JRebel said...

Since I used to play paintball I get the jokes. Which is why I got into The Whiteboard a few years ago. The zombie apoc crossover story was hilarious.