Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Not the Moodiest of Blues

I've enjoyed the music of the Moody Blues, particularly their original seven albums, for many years.  I was therefore intrigued to learn that an early version of their song "The Story In Your Eyes", slightly extended from the one that was released and with slightly different vocal patterns, had been recorded in 1970.  It languished unremembered until 2008, when it appeared on the remastered version of their album "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour".  It's different enough that it caught my attention, so here it is.

How young they were then - and how young I was . . . innocents abroad!



Old NFO said...

Great music!! :-)

David Neylon said...

Thanks Peter. Great re-master!

Unknown said...

I have a recommendation: The Moody Blues Live At Montreux 1991.
One of the best concert DVD's I own!

Sam L. said...

One of my favorites! Also, Timothy Leary's Dead.

CGHill said...

Now I'm wondering if there's an alternate version of "Procession," the History-Of-The-World lead-in to "Story," somewhere in the vault.