Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tragedy of the day

How I hate it when I read these things . . . :-(

A man from Natchez, MS shot and killed his wife when he mistook her for an intruder.

There are so many things one could say . . . but I'll say only this. If you hear a noise in your home you'd better be very, VERY sure of your gun-handling skills and knowledge of tactics before you go looking for trouble. It might be your wife, or kids, or some completely innocent noise. If you decide to go looking, tell the rest of your family to stay put and not move around, or this sort of tragedy might well result.

I remember doing 'shoot house' drills at Thunder Ranch in TX (it's now in Oregon) and at the Chapman Academy in Missouri. We learned very early (and very often) that it's a dangerous job and one not recommended for the untrained. The only justification for it is if you have no choice but to get your kids out of danger, or something like that. If possible hunker down in your secure area (probably your bedroom), cover the door with your firearm, call the cops and alert them to come in announcing their presence. If you can tie a spare house key to a luminous stick and chuck it out of the window, then tell them where to find it, this saves them having to kick in your front door.

The point is that you're safe together while they root out any intruder. If you decide to 'do it yourself' . . . something like this may happen.

How is this poor man ever going to live with himself again? And if he and his wife had children, how will they ever understand?

May God have mercy on all concerned. This is just miserable.



Anonymous said...

If this truly was an accident and not a homicide being disguised as an accident it is very sad.

This is the type of incident the gun grabbers love to see. It gives the perception that the average citizen lacks the training and ability to safely possess and utilize firearms for their own defense. In this case it would appear they are correct. They will fail to mention the other tools ranging from cars to chain saws which are more frequently misused and result in deaths and injury.

People who exercise their rights to own and use firearms need to take the initiative to get enough training to avoid foolish incidents such as this.

Assrot said...

Not much you can say about this sad story. It happens now and then unfortunately.

People buy guns and don't bother to learn the proper use and safety precautions of owning one. There are many good training programs on gun safety, home defense and personal defense with firearms.

If you are going to own a gun, it is your responsibility to get the proper training and learn how to use it responsibly like any other tool.

I agree with firstar99. This just gives the gun grabbers more fuel against us law abiding gun owners that did take the responsibility of getting the proper training for ourselves and our family members. We did nothing wrong but we ultimately pay the price for such rampant stupidity.

This poor man will pay the price for the rest of his miserable life one way or the other. How does a man learn to forgive himself for killing his own wife even if it was an accident?

I am of course assuming that he loved her as deeply as any man loves his wife.

If I did something that stupid I am not sure I could live with it.

Molon Labe,