Thursday, February 19, 2009

As Lawdog would say - *Gigglesnort!*

While checking my Sitemeter statistics a while back, I noticed a blog I didn't know, The Lost Goat, that had linked to mine. (It's now been added to my Reciprocal Blogroll.)

Curious, I took a look - and snorted my morning tea through my nostrils as I read one entry. Here's a short excerpt:

My mother and I were out in the pasture, looking at the cows, when we had the following conversation:

Mom: We’re getting the new shorthorn bull this weekend; he needs a name.

Me: How about Squonk?

Mom: What?

Me: Squonk.

Mom (incredulously): Squawk?

Me: No, Squonk.

Mom: Spell that.

Me: S-Q-U-O-N-K.

Go read the whole thing. It'll brighten up your morning - and yes, squonk really is a word!

Here's hoping we see a lot more of the Lost Goat. (Since one of my favorite coffee blends - when I can find it, which isn't often - is called 'Dancing Goat', perhaps there's a synergy here!)


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