Saturday, February 28, 2009

The nunchaku as a sports implement?

I've always known of the nunchaku as a fighting weapon, used in Oriental martial arts.

I'd never heard of it being used as a table-tennis bat, or a golf club, or any other form of sporting implement - until seeing these two videos. The first shows the legendary Bruce Lee using a nunchaku to take on first one, then two table-tennis players - with success.

The second shows another martial artist, using his nunchaku in ways that would probably make the ancient masters of the art twirl madly in their graves!

It's amazing to think that a simple peasant's weapon could be so versatile.



Old NFO said...

Those are amazing, and the control Bruce Lee showed is phenomenal!

Jim March said...

Sadly, the Lee ping-pong video is a special-effects fake using a Lee impersonator.