Friday, February 27, 2009

One that didn't get away!

Gizmodo tells us of a lost cellular phone that was found in a rather unusual way.

Andrew Cheatle was hanging out on a boat when he dropped his phone in the water. He thought it was gone for good, but a week later, his old phone called his girlfriend.

It turns out, a 25-pound cod ate his phone and was then caught by fishermen. They found the phone, pulled out the SIM card and put it in another phone and called his girlfriend.

More info and a photograph are at the link.

Oh, well. At least he won't be carping on about his loss!


1 comment:

Dade F said...

I dont know sounds 'fishy' to me,
but thank 'cod' for technology saved from the 'jaws' of doom.

Just got to hoe his ex wasnt a 'trout' and that he hadnt found 'salmon' else.

thats it im out!!