Thursday, February 26, 2009

Now that's dedication!

I'm amazed to read of a Buddhist monk who's prayed in the same spot in his temple for years . . . so long that his footprints have made a permanent impression in the floor!

There are few people who have made their mark on life quite like monk Hua Chi.

He has knelt to pray so many times that his footprints remain deeply, perfectly ingrained on his temple's wooden floor.

Hua, who is about 70, has been performing a strict daily ritual at the site in the monastery town of Tongren, in Qinghai province, China, for nearly 20 years.

Every day before sunrise, he arrives at the temple steps, places his feet in his footprints and bends down to pray a few thousand times before walking around the temple.

The footprints are 1.2 inches deep where the balls of his feet have pressed into the wood.

More at the link.

That's pretty amazing! I don't share this monk's religion, but I'll gladly add him to my prayers, that his own prayers may be answered by God's grace. It's good to have the examples of dedicated men and women like him, to remind us of what's truly important in life - and beyond it.


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