Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Did you know today was World Toilet Day?

Unlikely though that sounds, yes, it really was.  It's an annual event (?) organized by the World Toilet Organization, complete with its own Web site.  This year's event was actually designated by the United Nations General Assembly.  If ever an organization was full of . . . well, what you use a toilet to get rid of . . . it's that one, so their recognition was doubtless highly appropriate!  (I would say "long overdue", but that would suggest political constipation - something else for which the General Assembly is renowned!)

The Telegraph celebrated the occasion by publishing a series of pictures of 'Loos with views'.  Here are a couple from their gallery.

Mount Baker, Washington, overlooking Vancouver

The Chateau at Wolwedans Lodge ("Wolf Dance Lodge"),

There are more images at the link.

The Telegraph found the pictures in a book called 'Good Loo Hunting'.  I'm not sure whether it's suitable for reading anywhere else but on the porcelain throne, but it certainly looks entertaining . . .



Sunnybrook Farm said...

In days of old when knights were bold
and the toilet was not invented,
they dropped their load beside the road
and went away contented!
All that said, the toilet was a great invention and doesn't get the recognition it deserves, think of all the prevented disease!

The Raving Prophet said...

Well, crap. I didn't know about this. I feel like such a turd now.

But I'm flush with excitement.