Thursday, November 14, 2013

Two interesting landings

Here are two video clips of airliners landing under difficult or unusual conditions, to add to the several we've already watched in these pages.

First, here's a tricky crosswind landing by a Boeing 757 of German airline Condor at Düsseldorf airport in Germany.

Next, here's an Emirates Boeing 777 landing at Birmingham airport in England.  The atmospheric conditions were just right to produce some very interesting visible wake vortex trails.

(Compare the above video to an earlier one of wake vortex turbulence that I put up earlier this year.)



Richard Brown said...


I think there's a few clips running around the net of B-52 bomber landing at an angle to the runway: Called Crabbing:

Luckily the B-52 was designed with all steerable landing gear so they could *usually* get away with crab landings,


Old NFO said...

Peter, all you have to do is go to Burbank Airport in LA to see the first ones every day, along with multiple go arounds due to turbulence! Re the second, I saw a Lear get slapped out of the sky by wing vortices in 1970 from a 727 (way too close behind the 72, and the result was three dead).

Murphy's Law said...

That first one was sharp! Pilot earned his money there. It's also why passengers don't get to see the view out of the front window on landing. :-)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know they could hover like that. They should land like that all the time, then they wouldn't need runways.