Monday, November 18, 2013

I'm going to have to spend some money here

I've never shopped at a Food City store;  but after watching this advertisement, I'm going to have to find the nearest one and buy a week's groceries there, as a 'Thank You' to them for making it.

I've never forgotten coming home to see my late father after my first operational 'experience'.  He was a veteran of World War II - I've written about him before.  It was quite a reunion . . . one I recalled vividly (and with a tear in my eye) after watching this.



Rolf said...

Damn, it's dusty in here.

skidmark said...

Monitor is on the fritz again - all blurry.

Food City contact info - you need to fill out the form You can put in pretty much gibberish as long as it looks like an address, phone number, etc.

stay safe.

Donald Sensing said...

Both my father and my father in law are WW2 vets, both living still. And yeah, my monitor got all blurry, too.

Mark J said...

Must be a widespread thing, had the same problem with my monitor.