Wednesday, November 27, 2013


It seems three whales washed up on the shores of the Faroe Islands the other day.  The islanders decided to cut them up in order to remove the bodies more easily.

Unfortunately, the man doing the cutting seems to have forgotten that whales are big enough to decompose from the inside out - and that gas buildup in the internal organs will find an explosive way out if you cut into them.  You can see a video of the result here.  WARNING:  It's a pretty gruesome sight, so if you're sensitive of stomach or constitution, don't watch it!  It's an absolute explosion of blood, guts and internal organs, which is why I've chosen to link to it rather than embed it here.  It looks as if most of the detritus missed the cutter, but I'm sure he got a noseful of the associated odor!

(A tip o' the hat to reader Snoggeramus for telling me about it.  That man keeps his eyes open!)



LL said...


BGMiller said...

At least they were a bit smarter than the folks out West that decided to dynamite the whale that washed up on their beach.

If memory serves that incident resulted in several cars sustaining damage from ballistic chunks of decomposing blubber. Try explaining that to Flo from GEICO.


Shane W said...

Holy cow! I hate the smell of gutting a deer. I would have puked my innards out.