Sunday, December 8, 2013

A novel use for assault rifles!

I'd never even remotely considered jump-starting a car using assault rifles . . . until I saw this.

One hopes they unloaded them first . . .



Glenn B said...

Be prepared!

Old NFO said...

That is TRULY scary...

JohninMd.(too late?!??) said...

At least they unloaded the durn things before turning them into jumper cables...(magazine out, anyway...)

emtgene said...

Back in the day when cars had metal bumpers, you could touch bumpers as a ground and then use the bumper jack and tire tool to create a circuit from the positive terminals. I've jumped many a car in the old days that way.

Stuart Garfath, Sydney Australia. said...

Interesting indeed.
For those who have a manual shift car, one small piece of advice.
When attempting to clutch start' your car, (getting it rolling whilst in neutral/no gear), the most common reason for failing to get the motor started, is when the driver puts the vehicle in FIRST gear.
DON'T!, the compression ratio is too high, and the drive wheels will lock-up just about every time.
The best way, put the vehicle in SECOND or THIRD gear, if going forward, and of course, in Reverse gear if going in that direction.
DO NOT pump the accelerator, just let it do its job, with a small tap if the revolutions start to slow down.
Further, if the vehicle cannot be moved,- no problem.
Just install a good battery, start the vehicle, then remove the good battery and replace it,- with the engine still operating,- with your own flat one, of course, making sure that the Pos. and Neg. leads are isolated from touching anything.
I've done this a few times, it never fails, AND, contrary to perceptions, you will not get an electric shock holding both leads between battery changes.
There ya go kids, just remember, anything's easy when you know how to do it.