Sunday, December 22, 2013

A spectacularly beautiful approach

Courtesy of an e-mail from reader Trailbee, here's an airline pilot's view of the approach to Queenstown, New Zealand.  The music is 'Paradise' by Coldplay.  You really need to watch this one in full-screen mode.  It's worth it.

Spectacular, isn't it?  Thanks, Trailbee!



Old NFO said...

FUN... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

... and breath-taking!

Stu Garfath, Sydney. said...

This is why, as a pilot, you ALWAYS believe in your instruments!.

LCB said...

Yeah...flying right towards a mountain when you dip into the

Grog said...

That looks like some of the 182/206 flights I took while living in Alaska, beautiful country.

Thanks, Peter. :)

Noons said...

I only have two words for the morons who claim Sydney's second airport can't be built re-using Richmond's RAAF air base because it's often fogged-in:
Come again?