Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's enough to make you weep . . .

Courtesy of a link at Mish's place, here's a video that will either make your blood boil, or make you cry . . . perhaps both.

As Zero Hedge pointed out a year ago (click the chart for a larger view):

... perhaps the scariest chart in the entire presentation is the following summarizing the unsustainable welfare burden on current taxpayers:

  • For every 1.65 employed persons in the private sector, 1 person receives welfare assistance
  • For every 1.25 employed persons in the private sector, 1 person receives welfare assistance or works for the government.

Our taxes at work, folks - and by the way, don't blame the Obama administration alone for this.  It's been a long time coming, under the alternating leadership of both major political parties.  They both own this.  Click that link to see how it's developed since World War II.



Rev. Paul said...

25 years ago I saw a cartoon in which a USDA worker was weeping because, as he said, "My farmer died!"

Any bets on whether the welfare leaches will weep when they find they outnumber the workers? Or merely demand more and more?

I'd guess the latter.

SiGraybeard said...

I have to give her credit for being honest; she freely admits to being a prostitute for her vote. Just keep giving her free sh*t and she'll keep voting for your side.

The fact that the system is destined to collapse isn't her problem; they promised her free sh*t and she's going to take as much as she can get. Funny thing is that the collapse is going to hurt the honest, hard workers more than it's going to hurt Lucy. It's not going to be a stretch for her to beg or sell herself in the usual way. People who have personal dignity will have a harder time adjusting.

Anonymous said...

Our little biz has been scraping by since 2008, we laid off our employees and have had enough work till this summer, when it really dried up. But our debt is super low and we live frugally. Till now, we were OK.
Obamacare has hammered us- our insurance company left the business ,and to buy the least expensive ACA bronze plan we need to spend double our previous premium -that means $12,000 plus $10,000 if we actually use it-(deductibles). And a total waste of potentially productive dollars. Not gonna be buying any new machines anytime soon. The actual cost of the sort of insurance I want to buy is about $2,000 for both my wife and myself- I am not making up this number, it is what we could purchase from a carrier outside the US. I know this because I am considering moving to another country for a while. Hard to believe, my ancestors came here in 1635 and worked their butts off to build a life...

I have lived my 60 years trying my best to support myself, pay my taxes, and play by the rules. I see my savings dwindling daily due to the ravages of inflation, my money earns nothing due to the feds zero interest policies,and at this point I don't know what to do- the "extra" six thousand dollars the ACA wants from us is virtually all our disposable income in a decent year -dental care, car repair, any unanticipated expense used to come from this "extra". If we pay the obamacare insurance, we will have to borrow or delve into saving just to pay the deductible.

The woman in the video has clear vision. We may not like the view, but she sees reality. Till the system crashes and burns, anyway.

Stuart Garfath, Sydney. said...

Exactly the same thing here has been happening here in Australia.
Every once in a while, when it's a quiet news week, another Éxpose' is done on so-called welfare cheats, when it's blindingly obvious that it's the Government (taxpayer) funded programs that are the problem,- the Énabler'.
As was said, it's done to buy the recipients VOTE, and for no other reason.
At the end, Lucy says that she cannot afford to work, as she is penalised financially if she does.

This is so wrong.