Monday, December 29, 2014

I'd have thought they'd be a bit prickly . . .

I was surprised to learn of a new use for old Christmas trees.

Do You Green is using a novel manufacturing technique to turn pine into a soft fabric that has been described as "soft as silk with the feel of cashmere and the coolness of linen".

Smooth and thin, this material is ideal for lingerie, such as knickers, bras, slips or negligees.

According to Sophie Young, founder of Do You Green, "You won't want to wear anything else after touching it."

The company claims that the fabric, which is produced by dissolving pine trimmings in an enzyme bath, helps naturally regulate temperature and is naturally anti-bacterial, making it more hygienic than cotton or other synthetic materials.

There's more at the link.

I don't want to embed any of them here, because this is a family-friendly blog;  but some of the pictures at the company's Web site make it abundantly clear that their clothing is intended for more than just casual wear.  I've never heard of lingerie being made from pine needles, but if that's the sort of thing they can make, more power to them.



Old NFO said...

Of course they have a commensurate price too...

Anonymous said...

there is another use for christmas trees .. the elefants in Vienna zoo love to eat them (after all the decorations and trimmings have been carefully removed)

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the models need to be "spruced" up. They look fine as is and will leave young men "pining" for them "fir" ever.

Anonymous said...

They've reinvented rayon.