Thursday, February 5, 2009

Doofus Of The Day #159

The video speaks for itself . . . and no, that won't buff out!

(Language alert for the sensitive.)



Anonymous said...

Its funny until you contemplate the fact that morons like these are the reason insurance is so expensive.


Anonymous said...

So these dummies never heard of using a shovel to clear away the snow before attempting to snatch the car out? Young and extremly dumb.

joe said...

Those things don't have axles?

Dustin said...

Lazy kids should have 1) shoveled and 2) pulled the car the other way (i.e. not TOWARDS the snowbank).

Old NFO said...

Young and dumb... sigh... and our insurance premiums just went up.

Jerry said...

The laws of physics are very rigid.

Morons are ubiquitous.

When the two meet, guess who wins?

Crucis said...

A fine example of the properties and effects of momentum and inertia.

Simeron Steelhammer said... a whole new meaning to "peeling out" now don't it?

I have to ask a simple question however....

Why were they PULLING it out?

At the start of the video, seems a good PUSH into the driveway would have worked ALOT better....*snicker*