Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another hairy landing

I've posted videos on occasion showing aircraft having a tough time landing in crosswinds, or experiencing other problems.

Here's one of a brand-new Boeing 767, just delivered to LAN, a Chilean airline. It was undergoing its acceptance trials in Washington State when it had to land in a very severe cross-wind. This video is of its third attempt, the first two having led to go-arounds.

Notice how the aircraft sways and bumps in the air, and floats over the runway for a considerable distance before finally touching down.

Kudos to the pilot for his handling of what must have been a rather hairy experience.



Wayne Conrad said...

I think that's runway 16R. I've landed on that runway. In good weather. In a C172 and in a C150. And not PIC: Dad was a pilot and PAE, not KPAE, was his home field. My old memory is pretty wimpy by comparison to this video.

Crucis said...

Heap big Pucker-factor there.

BTDT in a Piper 180 and Cessna 172. You shower and change your clothes after one of those! Glad I carried a handkerchief just to wipe the sweat off my face.

Anonymous said...

I think in a situation like that I'd be thinking about how badly I need to get to that airfield, or if another with better weather will do overnight.


Old NFO said...

That's 16R at Payne... The winds were well within the envelope for a 767, and he didn't even come 'close' to scraping a wing :-)