Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some good guys need your help

I'd like to appeal to all my readers to help Chris and Melody Byrne, better known (collectively) as the AnarchAngel. I've never had the privilege of meeting them personally, but I know them by reputation. They've helped many others in the past, and gone out of their way to do so. Now that they need a little help of their own, I think it's up to all of us who care to do our bit.

Some of you may already know the backstory, which they covered on their blog in January last year. They received a lot of help from readers and other bloggers at that time. That help was enough to get them through the immediate crisis, and they seem to have emerged triumphant: but they still have some crippling legal bills to pay. Melody writes (by e-mail):

Right now we're going through the process of the state appeal because the judge is question made an erroneous ruling (he ruled that he did not have jurisdiction over the children when the LAW and the DISTRICT COURT and the NINTH CIRCUIT told him he did). We're currently $25K behind on the legal bills and I don't start work again until the end of June (and even then it's temporary). This wouldn't normally be a problem except that my lawyer's clients (most of them small businesses) have defaulted due to the economy and he's in extremely dire straits. He's already sold off everything he can and he still can't meet his mortgage.

So we're pretty much screwed. So screwed that I'm selling every firearm I have except for my primary carry piece.

I've been trying to sell our cookbook for precisely this reason. We need 160 preorders just to start the print run, and we only have 60-something at this moment (and cash received for only 50). Once we make that number every copy we sell will be at a profit. If I don't make that number by the end of this week I will have to return the money for the preorders.

So there you have it, readers. I'm going to buy one of their cookbooks, partly because I like good food, and partly because these are two people well worth helping. If you're interested, but would like to know more about the Byrnes before deciding, I urge you to go over and read their blog. If you'd like to buy a cookbook for this worthy cause, click here to go to their blog post telling you how to do it. If you could do so by close of business on Friday, May 29th, that would be even better! And if you don't want a cookbook, but would like to help them with even a small donation, their PayPal link is on the order page.

Thanks in advance.


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