Monday, May 25, 2009

Scientology in court again

I'm very pleased to see that France is charging the so-called 'Church' of Scientology with organized fraud. You can read all about the case at the link.

Scientology is a total sham, a mish-mash of pseudo-science that has no relationship whatsoever to reality. This has been demonstrated time and time again, both in court and in other venues. If you want to know something about it - something truthful, that is, not the claptrap Scientologists will babble at you! - then I'll gladly refer you to a very useful Web site, Operation Clambake, which has been exposing Scientology's contradictions, conflicts and conundrums for many years. Highly recommended reading.

I sympathize with the French complainants. I've had to deal with the mental distress and damage caused by Scientology to a number of people, during many counseling sessions. I have no patience, sympathy or tolerance for it whatsoever. If it's a 'religion' or a 'church', then so was the Nazi Party. If its claims are truthful, then I'm the Gray Lensman!

The sooner Scientology joins the multitude of failed philosophies and kooky concepts in the dumping-ground of history's dafter ideologies, the better.


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